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Some Testimonials from happy clients

I realize that many have needs and requests but wonder how many actually let you know when the results they're desiring happen as a result of your work. I'm thrilled to advise you that with your help my dear friend G's home SOLD. B's husband has returned to work! Thank you!
- S.H., Indiana

Thanks for the rituals that you have done. My house is now SOLD. It is great miracles!!!
- N.N., Seychelles

Has sold quite a lot of books on since I called in the ritual. My uncle J seems to be doing better since the Intensive Treatment was called in. He almost sounded like his old self. That was a great surprise! My aunt M's leg was also better since I called in the rituals. Thanks for all your wonderful work again.
- K.K., Pennsylvania

A verdict was given to me yesterday.... I WON..GET TO KEEP MY JOB..... I REALLY MEAN TO SAY THAT WE ALL WON.... Thank you over and over and more than 100,000 times for all the prayer and ritual work you've all done for me... Once again I want to leave my silly message with this: I WON MY CASE! He he!
- N.W., California

Recently you did rituals for my stocks to go up and I had a pain in my right side that wouldn't go away. Well I would like to tell you that my stocks have been going up and the pain in my right side is not there.
- E.J., Louisiana

Thank you so much for doing your stuff for the 2 most recent projects. I can already feel a huge boost in my own aura and that of my entire family. Those astral contortions that you guys do down there are almost palpable. A few months ago you gave my situation with my neighbors a zap and it worked beautifully. Your psychic and astral work is absolutely the most potent. If anybody can help me with my problems after all these years of nonsense, it's you and your entourage of non- corporeal helpers! Thanks for everything that you're doing!
- E.J, New Jersey

I thank you for praying for my son to pass to the next grade. Well I would like you to know how he made it with flying colors. Once again thank you for your prayers.
- E.J., Louisiana

I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all of your guys!! We;; my girlfriend is getting NO jail time at all. They are just giving her probation. I love you guys!! Thanks so much.
- D.C., New Jersey

Thank you very much for the ritual. The 'fog' around me has cleared and I can see how and I can see how to do things.
- F.S., California

I would like to thank you for putting me on your prayer list. My test results came out OK & also my stocks have been going up.
- E.J. Louisiana

I returned home from Anguilla and am supposed to go to St. Kitts for a couple days. I am very contented & happy with all that you and my Spirit Friends have done for me. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Things are very good for me in general, work and home. Thanks a million for all your protection and your help. I could not have done it without your help.
- S.A., St Michael, Barbados

Thank you for the rituals for us to find a house. We found one which has most of the features we were looking for. Settlement is in 30 days.
R.C., Pennsylvania

It is here again when your powers work wonders for me. When I sent in on one of my important goals for the year I wrote that I want to get married. I met a good friend of mine that I have known since 1980. In December of 2003 we started a relationship amd he proposed to me and we got married on the 26th of February 2004. My husband is a very nice person of my kind and I know that these powers are coming from your team. I send a big thank you.
- M.B.L., St Ann, Jamaica

I want to tell you again that you're the best ghost buster I know of. I contacted you with that pesky ghost problem and the very few next day after we talked, the atmosphere had lifted. Whatever ghostly presences had been unwilling to leave my home before left my home with breakneck speed as soon as you got on it. Thank you so much. It was truly no fun to share my home with unwanted ghosts that on several occasions frightened me and made it almost impossible for me to relax, especially at night, because my fear became so great.
- A.B., Indiana

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